by Christopher Galen

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Debut album from singer-songwriter Chris Smith.


released January 1, 2003


Steve Brewster
Dan Phelps
Matt Pierson
Andy Simonds

Produced by Dan Phelps
Engineered By Barrett Miller
Additional Recording by Tom Carrigan III
Assistant Engineers: David Streit and Jimmy Cunningham
Additional Assistance: Brad Johnson

Recorded at The Bennett House, Franklin, TN
Additional Recording at Platinum Post at Full Sail, Orlando, FL
Mixed by Barrett Miller at Platinum Post at Full Sail, Orlando, FL
Mastered by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA



all rights reserved


Christopher Galen Fort Collins, Colorado

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Track Name: Lift My Head
Here it comes, the fear that turns me inside out
There it goes, my conviction out the window
Living life, which ever way the wind may blow
Eyes to the ground and a heart that never hears a sound

Lift my head, turn my face
Help me see that Your direction is the way that I must choose
When I see, when I know, all the ways of Your direction
Would you help me follow through

Speaking thoughts to a heart that knows no boundaries
Sending prayers, but they seem to just turn into wishes
Burning holes into my knees I think I'm crying
I must be ‘cause I think I see the sky opening

Am I poured out, into myself or into the hands of Jesus?
I commit my spirit to the faith of history, the hope of all mankind,
the light of the world, in the darkness of my heart

A man can die, and feel his heart turn into spirit
I can die and feel a frozen wondering
I know the facts, heard the stories read the book and I
Wonder if, I will cease to doubt when I hear my Savior call
Track Name: I Know You Now
Reflections of my face, Echoed back to emptiness
Dreams were mine to chase, I woke up to loneliness
From up above, it was Your voice, but I did not hear it
Shattered will, a broken heart, it was Your Spirit

A place for all my faith, I've put it here I've put it there
Where will it be safe? In the hands of One who cares
Help me Lord, give up my pride, the nails are piercing
Tears You cry, turn into blood, for me You're dying (I thank You that...)

I know You now, I know You now
I know ever since Your love came down
I know You now, I know You now, I am your child

Sinking deeper looking for a lifeline,
From the shore there's nothing to be thrown
The only hope is coming down from up above,
Be very careful not to stumble on the Stone
I never thought that I could be loved by,
The only God that the world has ever known
Now I know, He came just to give me life,
And now I bow that life to Him alone
Track Name: The Things I Hate
When I believe
That I sustain
Then I become
The things I hate

Calling me out of the things I am, I’ve been buried alive
Calling me out of the things I am, don’t you know I’m buried alive
With you; Pushing up through
Alive again; Call me a man

When I believe that I sustain, I become the things I hate
I conceive all the things from the graveyard in my head
Blowing true; windows to all the things I’ve never said

You believe
Deep in me
You come to find
Deep inside
Track Name: Wasted
Truth is sinking deep in me; bringing all the things I’ve known
She’s carrying the weight of the world; away from these weary bones
Now I’m finding what was lost; I’m not missing what is gone
She gives it all through love; She gives it all along

I’m wasted, damaged goods
Never tasted; when the love was good
I’m seeing shadows of the things I’ve done
But even shadows come from the sun

Riding on the waves; of the mercy and grace
I know I would never trade; what’s been given in time and space
And I’ll remember this; as I cross over to life
She’s healed my wounded heart; but still cuts me like a knife

When I’m sick of trying; and I can’t remain
She takes my hand; and leads me through the flames

When I’m drifting far away; wondering “Have I ever grown?”
Struggling up that hill; with a cross that’s not my own
She finds me in the dark; takes me by the hand
“Come and join the living, and live to join the dance”
Track Name: Grace
Clouds are breaking; She left behind
Things that take her; and make her cry
She runs with laughter; fights back tears
Avoids disaster; shows no fear

Where will she go, where can I follow her?
She smiles and I know, it’s there I can follow her

Dancing daisies; sweet surprise
Cotton candy; Rainbow eyes
Broken hearted; she don’t care
You’ll take her laughter with you everywhere

Her feet never even touch the ground
She lifts me up and takes me down
“What am I doing? Well I don’t know”
The world will stop until she knows
All the favor given to me
Amazing Grace I doth receive

Every heartbeat; is just enough
A mix of teardrops; and sweet soul love
Swing from the shadows; Right into my arms
Life can never steal her charm
Track Name: Father of Love
The sun is going down again, going down on my dreams of yesterday
In every thought I think of him, Wondering if he’s the reason I’m the way I am
In every boy there is a man, Waiting for his father to call his name
The father gone the man is lost, The boy can’t figure out how to end this foolish game
All the damage unrepaired, Leaves me broken leaves me scared
All my sins are not as clear, As the way I chase my fear

I run across the burning sand, What does it mean to be a man
Light on me just like a dove; Teach me oh my Father of Love

Take my hand and lead me back, Through the forest of wisdom; the sea of knowledge
Give me everything I lack, Help me trust You for the things I missed
When I’m lost come to me there, Don’t leave me hurt don’t leave me scared
I’m fatherless, I look to You, Build inside me something precious, something new

Give Me your eyes, Give Me your heart, I’ll lead you out; Trust Me
When you’re lost I’ll meet you there, I won’t leave you hurt won’t leave you scared
O fatherless please look to Me, I’ll build inside of you something meant to be

Run across the burning sand, I’ll show you what it means to be a man
I’ll send My Spirit from above, Look to Me I’m your Father of Love
Look to Me I’m your Father of Love, Trust Me I’m your Father of Love
Track Name: Cross
Black was the color that I’d fallen into,
As I ran away from the life that I’d been through
If you’ve seen me before than you should see after
The dawning of grace on the tears and the laughter

Where am I? When I die? Will I be
Able to rescue myself from the darkest of seas

Whoa remember the faith, remember the death
Remember the life that was given to me
I’ll remember to cry; remember to know who I am
When I put the cross ‘round my neck

Rivers run freely and so do the humans
But they rush towards the edges of what will consume them
At times I’ve forgotten what I must cling to
Think my thoughts for me cause I cannot think them for you

When will I learn to fly; towards the grace
And into the arms of the One I continue to chase

When will I, learn to fly
Will I be…Able to fall down on my knees
Able to turn to the pages I need
Able to be part of your plan
When I kiss the wounds on the palms of your hands
Track Name: Swingsets (I'm Free)
Pick up the phone; Connect me back home
To sometime before, I closed that door
Reach deep inside; Lift me alight
Back to that place; Swingsets of grace

Cause I never want to live another day; Believing that you’re very far away from me
Grab the twinkling in my eye; catch it save it take it to the sky; goodbye

I’m free… to be; I’m free… to be

I closed up the blinds;
The sun was so bright
Now I’m struggling to find;
A face veiled through the lines

Lines that only give me a glimpse; of what the story has really meant at all
Get up stand up get in the race; The only prize that is left to chase is you

I’m free… to be; I’m free…to be
There’s more…I know; I’m free…with thee
Track Name: On and On
On and on and on…

Life was still but You go on and on
Moving Slowly but You go on and on
Take the cup from me and carry on
Not my will but Yours be done, done
Save a place for me to be
A face unlike a destiny, that goes…
On and on and on…

When I knew you I knew all along
Truth inside the right and not the wrong
You have to carry me I’m not so strong
Make me understand that I belong
You left your perfect place
Familiar with the pain upon this face; it goes…
On and on and on…

Save a place for me to be
Give me life and set me free
From this place I know I don’t belong
Grace and freedom awakening the dawn, they go…
On and on and on…